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Latest News

You Can Do It! Education launches online education programs for schools, parents and work

Nov 7, 2017

The Bernard Group has launched its’ online positive education program for schools, parents and work: youcandoiteducation.com.au. Organisations are encouraged to share this program (resources, training) with employees. You Can Do It! Education develops the personal, social and performance capabilities…

High Performance Mindset at Work Survey

Oct 30, 2017

Complete our new High Performance Mindset at Work Survey. Learn about your strengths and opportunities for growth in comparison with the general population. You will also be able to download a list of tips for developing each of the strengths that make-up…

Our latest research reveals the three Commitments of high performers

Commitment to Success

  • Self-determination
  • Growth+optimism
  • Creativity

Commitment to Others

  • Empathy+ Respect

Commitment to Self

  • Positive self-regard
  • Authenticity
  • Work-life balance

Strengthening commitments of leaders, managers and employees results in following ROI:

  • Higher productivity and KPIs
  • Increased retention
  • Fewer leave days
  • Stronger leadership
  • Better communication
  • More effective team behaviour